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February 15
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   This is my first xreader so it may not be perfect okay ;w;
GemanyxTomboy!Reader: Secret Crush

"Come on (y/n) it's time to get up!"

"Ugh fine"

With that a sleepy yet angry (y/n) got up from bed. Today was the day (y/n) was going to a new school ever since the "accident" that happened to her family months ago. As usual (y/n) got up and put on some jeans, a T-shirt, and whichever shoes she found lying on the ground. Her hair was a beautiful shade of (h/c) and had sparkling (e/c) eyes. Even though (y/n) looked like a harmless, nice girl, she was the complete opposite ,and usually dressed and acted like a guy. 

"(y/n)! come on already your breakfast is getting cold!"

"Coming mom!"

~Time Skip~
It was 8:00 and so you began to walk through your new school. You have already been given your assigned classes so you just decided to walk around for a bit. You kept wandering until you found yourself on the football field.  

"Huh? when did I get here?"

You looked around and realized you weren't alone. Far on the end side of the field were four people. One had long blonde hair, another had brown hair and tan skin, and the third looked pale with grayish hair. You squinted to get a closer look at the fourth one but all you could see was a tall blonde dude with an annoyed expression. You didn't realize it but the tall blonde was looking at you. He looked rather confused and you were guessing it was because of what you were wearing. You didn't break away from the staring contest because unlike other girls, you had strength and guts.That was until you heard a bell ring throughout the school. You looked around for a bit then realized all of the four guys were leaving-probably going to class.

"I guess I should be going to my class too"

And so you were headed to your new classroom and opened the door as loudly as you could. At first everyone looked at you until the teacher spoke up.

"Ahh, you must be the new student. Please introduce yourself"

You marched up to the front of the class and just threw your backpack on the ground.

"What's up, my name is (y/n) and that's about it"

You grabbed your backpack and sat in a random seat with an intimidating look in your eyes.

"................umm well welcome to our school (y/n)" said the teacher forcing a smile.

For the entire day everyone ignored you. To you, this was normal and you liked it that way. It wasn't long until you realized that the tall blonde was actually named Ludwig, and he was in some of your classes. Out of all the students though, Ludwig wasn't afraid of you, he would talk to you occasionally about homework or other people. Its been like this for months and you grew fond of Ludwig and would always try to find something to talk about when you were with him.

"Hey Ludwig!"

"Hmm? oh, what is it (y/n)?"

Ludwig began to notice that you were fidgeting.

"Ummm, well, I was wondering if you would like to i don't know, maybe watch a movie together sometime?"

"Oh, umm I'm sorry but i have plans this week with my brother"

Ludwig walked off without saying anything else. You turned around and began walking back to class. It may not have looked like it, but inside a small piece was broken in (y/n)'s heart. As tough as she was, (y/n) knew when she began to like someone. You walked down the hall right passed the 'popular' girls giggling about something. They stayed quiet once you were walking through but you knew they were snickering and making fun of you. Normally you would've shown them their place, but right now you just needed some alone time. After that inccident, you noticed Ludwig began to ignore you more and more. You didnt understand why but he seemed flustered.

"*sigh* Well another boring day gone by" you began opening your locker until a peice of paper fell out.

"Huh? what's this?"

You picked up the paper and began to read it.

    Dear (y/n),
I'm sorry that I've been ignoring you these past days, but it's only because was too shy to confront you. I bet your laughing right now thinking i'm so weak, and i guess it is true. It's just that, I really like you.... no, it's more than that. I hope this doen't come between us (y/n), but ever since I first layed eyes on you, I felt a spark. And thats why I would like to say....   
                                        ich liebe dich (y/n)

Your heart stopped, did he really mean that?


you turned around only to face shining blue eyes.


There were tears at the corners of your eyes.


You glomped Ludwig and began to cry a bit.

"I love you too"
(insert dramatic kissing scene)

~~~~~~Extended Ending~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Oy, amigo, I think your little brother has a new girlfriend"

"WHAT!? how can he have one before the awesome me!?"

"Ohonhonhon, I smell jealously"

This is for TheFinalMarch Im your Secret Hetalia Valentine :D
sorry if it sucks its my first time writing something ;w;
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